Sunday, June 20, 2010

All About Camden

It has been a while... sorry, I have been too busy enjoying this little baby of mine. He is already 4 months old! It seems like any free time I get, I want to spend it with him. Luckily now with school out I have a little bit of time to put up some cute pictures of what has been going on these last three months!

In March we went to Vegas for a few days. It was nice to get away with the babe, Kyle, and Aunt Carli. We had a blast, and Camden even had his first dip in the pool.

But mostly he just relaxed in the shade of a lawn chair :)

Camden and Mommy had a fun mothers day. It was a lot better than the last one (which I spent sobbing in the back of sacrament meeting). He is my miracle.

Mother's Day weekend my friend Lindsay and I ran (okay...walked) the Race for the Cure. If you haven't done this before, sign up next year. It was pretty incredible.

He looks so big in his Hurley shirt! I love my little man.

Camden and his cousin Grayson are best buddies. Look at them holding hands! They do that on their own whenever we lay them next to eachother.

He loves his little elephant. It crinkles and has plastic feet that he loves to chew on.

He hates the carseat ever since we took out the newborn insert. I think that it makes him sweaty because it is vinyl. Poor thing! But he is a good sport after a few minutes.

Cam loves the bath, especially now that we put him in the real tub. He splashes and kicks like crazy.
If you want this kid to fall asleep, put him in his swing. Gotta love his little dino feet in this one.

He smiles non-stop! It melts my heart every time. I'm in trouble because I don't think that this cute face will ever be told "no" in his life.

His new thing is rolling over. Last week Kyle sat him down and we turned around, the next thing you know he looked back and Cam was on his back instead of his belly! We put him on his belly a few more times and he would roll over immediately and have this proud but confused look on his face. It is so adorable. Love it every time!

We got Cam this bouncer at a shower. He loves it, but instead of the cool toys on the toybar, guess what his favorite thing is?
The TAG! He stares at it and grabs for it the whole time he is in the bouncer. Maybe we should quit buying him toys. We have plenty of tags around the house!

You see, this is why I don't blog. I have been sitting here for over an hour. But at least now the grandmas can quit calling me a slacker :)


Mary said...

What a cute post! Love the cute pics of Camden, he is getting so big! I'm so happy that you guys have your little miracle now! Enjoy every minute you have with him because it goes by way too fast!

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