Friday, September 19, 2008

Shoes, handbags, and free shipping...OH MY!

If you like shoes and handbags as much as I do, then you HAVE to go to this website.

They have thousands of shoes and handbags, both cheap and expensive. Also, they offer FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING on most items!

And, you can search in the coolest ways. When you find a shoe you like, you can zoom in and see a perfect, up-close picture of it. Also, you can return a shoe for UP TO 1 YEAR after you buy it!
Sorry Nordstrom, your customer service has been beaten!

And the magic number is...

3,000! My HCG levels were only at 3,000 on Tuesday. For some perspective, pre-surgery they were at 350,000! So they have dropped A TON in the last two weeks. And like I said in the last post... I need to get to ZERO and stay at ZERO before we can even think about conceiving... so I am getting closer! :) Good news!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time to start waiting...

Today I had a doctors appointment and was told that I in fact had a Molar pregnancy. This means that an egg was fertilized, but for some reason it did not contain any genetic information. My body started growing molar tissue, and as a result my HCG (pregnancy hormone) levels skyrocketed into the 300,000's. In a normal pregnancy, I should have only been around 30,000.

Unfortunately, after you have this kind of pregnancy, you can't get pregnant for a while. I have to get my blood drawn every week to make sure my HCG levels are going down. If they rise, or stay the same, this means that my body is making more Molar tissue. This is why we can't get pregnant right now, because if we were, my HCG levels would go up. If my levels went up, we couldn't be sure if it was because of the molar tissue or because I was actually pregnant. If my body makes more of the tissue, it can turn into cancer. But I have decided that this is NOT going to happen to me :)

Once I get to "zero" HCG level, then we have to wait six months before we even try getting pregnant again. This is sad for us, but I guess that I can have something to look forward to: getting to zero and then staying at zero for six months! I will let everyone know once I am at zero!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In Remembrance...

I will never forget this day. I was a sophomore in high school. I can still remember going to my 1st period math class and watching the tragedy live on CNN. It was the first time that I realized my freedom and safety was not inherently given to me, it was something that our country fights to protect every day.

As I was remembering September 11th, I realized that when the attacks of September 11th occurred, I was the exact same age as my students that I teach are now... I am showing this to my students tomorrow in remembrance of September 11th. Go to this website:

It made me cry.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A rough week

I want to express how much I love Kyle and both our families.

This past week we went through another miscarriage and I had to have surgery as this pregnancy was possibly a 'molar pregnancy', a very rare but life-threatening occurrence.

Sometimes it is hard for me to understand why things like this happen. I never thought that we would be one of "those" couples that have a hard time conceiving a healthy baby.

One thing I know for certain, you really do grow closer together when life breaks you down. I really don't believe that god makes things like this happen, but I do think that he is the reason you make it through.

Thank you Kyle for all of your blessings, prayers, and for letting me keep you up late while I cry it out. When we do finally have kids, I know that all of this will feel like it was worth it, and our kids will be lucky to have a strong dad like you :)

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