Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cayman, we miss you!

Seven Mile Beach
Hell, Grand Cayman

On the way to Hell, Summer was a little grumpy... So I told her to "Oh, Go to hell!" That made her laugh...

On our way to Stingray City, we stopped to snorkel. Yes, I can swim, but the life vest makes it easier!

One of the tour guides suddenly dove off the boat and came up with several huge starfish.

Me and Mommy Dearest at Calypso. I love her SOOO much :)

Don't really know what is up with my hair... But we sat here until I felt cold, so we moved inside :) Am I high maintenance?

Kyle gettin some love from the Stingrays in Stingray city. One totally sucked in his hand, it was the loudest noise! It could smell the squid he had just fed to another one.

All of the Stingrays stay here because they are fed. It is not a beach, but a sandbar way out in the middle of the ocean. They feel really slippery and come and glide up against you.

Giving the Stingray a smooch.

Kyle was loving it! I got out after they tipped over the bucket of squid and were going crazy. I don't want a hickey-leg like Car Car!

Friendly rays...

The balcony of the Sovereign... i'm sad that my parents are moving into their condo tomorrow. This place was so sweet!

Their condo is to the right, and the beach is the backyard! What a life, mom :)

Cruise ships port here almost every day. The beaches get really crowded.

The blowholes... I was trying to stay dry, while getting as close as possible for a pic... don't worry, of course as I get close enough for the pic, a huge wave totally claps me on the back.

Love Kyle and Holly's faces, and don't I look content?

That didn't last long.

Chillin at the Sunshine Grill!

I think this was one of two nights where I actually did my hair and wore something other than a swimsuit.

Kyle looks like a kid on Christmas morning. This is Singh's Roti shop. They make authentic Trinidadian food, where Kyle served his mission. It was really good!

Paratha and PearDrax, a good combo!

At the Turtle Farm... want to know why they have an actual farm? While they claim to introduce some to the wild, their main purpose is for Turtle Soup.

No, I am not freakin kidding! How disgusting is that? It is Cayman's famous dish. Yuck.

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