Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lake Mead

So, I have been lazy and haven't posted any pics of Lake Mead. We go twice a year, in the spring and fall. We went in May and it was a blast! I think it was the hottest it has ever been- 105 degrees the last day!

I learned how to dive (I was never taught when I was a kid) and Kyle did a lot of cool backflips on the wakeboard. We also lost a little bit of money, thanks to me and my attempts at black jack at the casino in Mesquite :)

Kelli, Ashley and Abbey on the tube... I realized why I really don't like tubing after I was flung off for the fifth time!

Kyle's buddy from work, Casey, and his wife Ashley came with us. It was fun to finally meet Casey and his wife after Kyle had talked about him for the last four months!

Showin off my skills on the wakeboard...

Hangin out with my cute hubbie!

Our friends Brad, Brit and Brandon.


Woodyatt's said...

I am glad you made the pics so small, that is not the most flattering picture of me :) It was way fun though. Thanks again for letting us tag along.

The Grampp Fam said...

Hey girl! Looks like you guys had fun! Eddie said he talked to you today and that you guys are doing great! I'm so excited that you guys are building a house, you must be so happy. We're excited to see you guys!

The Grampp Fam said...

Okay, I'm cheezy leaving one again but I forgot to say thank you for the compliment! The bump is crazy, huh?! Honestly, I am just now realizing that I am actually really pregnant, haha. Anyway, I'm so excited that little "EG IV" is going to have you as an aunt and Kyle as an uncle. I wish we lived closer to you guys!

Cliff, Amber and Sydney said...

That is awesome that you are going to be a teacher Kel. You will be awesome. We need to get together soon... Lake Mead looked like a ton of fun.

JJ & Erika said...

Im so glad you found me! Allie said that you guys had a blog and i tried to find you, but failed! looks like you guys are having fun! Im way jealous of your mead trip!! we havent been boating in forever and i would give anything to go:) sure do miss you guys!

Matt and Nicole said...

Fun pictures, we really want to get together with you guys, but Kyle never calls Matt back!

trent and rach henderson... said...

how is my favorite long lost friend? i haven't seen you since your wedding! looks like life is good! tell your mom hello! you look great! so good to find you through the good 'ol web! i miss you! love ya!

ashley|josh said...

kelli you look so good. just saying hi.. -ashley doyle

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