Monday, July 21, 2008

Boating at Jordanelle

Since my father-in-law, Brad, sold his beautiful truck, we have not had anything to pull the beautiful boat with this summer. We have not been boating since Lake Mead, which was in May, so we finally borrowed Tom's truck and went up to Jordanelle.

The day started out alright, it was a little overcast... but we were just happy to be on the lake!

It was getting a little more cloudy, and the wind started to pick up a bit. We decided to head back, since none of us had gotten in the water yet and the sun hadn't really been out.

Kyle was lucky and he could hide behind the steering wheel from the wind and rain...

Those of us in the back of the boat weren't as sheltered from the wind and rain!

And this is how our lovely boating day ended... huddling in the boat, while it rained, as Brad went to get the truck.

Of coarse, it hasn't rained for the past month, but the day we decide to go boating, there is a thunderstorm!


Ty and Whit said...

Hi Kelli!! HOw are you? I haven't talked to you forever! I came across your blog and its so cute! NOw we can be blogging buddies!! Hope you're doing good!

Matt and Nicole said...

That sucks the weather was so bad. I hate when that happens! So next week we are in Montana at my family's place but after that and pretty much throughout August we really have no plans. We would love to go boating so tell Kyle to call Matt since he never answers his phone!!!

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