Sunday, October 5, 2008


Kyle's mom bought a Halloween ginger bread house for us to decorate. For some reason, Kyle and his dad are freakishly talented at decorating candy houses!

I don't know what is spookier... the haunted Halloween castle, or the monster with the crazy hair! Phoebe makes one cute Halloween Monster!

This picture made me laugh :)


Lindsay Henderson said...

Phoebe is so stinkin cute, and nice work on the haunted house! Very festive!

Erika said...

I actually love kyle's little eyes poking up in the corner!! I cannot believe that your family is really moving... allie told me that and i was like ya ya cool, not really believing it! but they are really going!! Very sad and very cool!

Parisa and Zac said...

Haha I love how her big head is poking out like she's attacking the house! She's so sweet!

Shieldsfam said...

Brad and Kyle have a lot of girlish qualities, he he (this is Derek not Cristy)

Steve & Brandi said...

HAHA.. this was the best day ever. Little does everyone know.. You and I started out making the house. Once Kyle and Brad saw how horrible we were doing, they decided they would take over. Who knew they cared so much about a stinkin Halloween house?

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