Sunday, January 18, 2009

What do you write about when life gets boring?

I haven't posted in a while, and I decided that I know the reason why! Well, nothing is really going on in our lives! Our house is done, we are all moved in... cancer is gone :) ... and so now, what exciting news do I have to tell?

One good thing... Dr. Soisson, my oncologist, is the BEST Doctor ever. I wish he was an OB, but unfortunately he only deals with gyno cancers! Anyway, he told us that instead of having to wait 6 months to a year, we only need to wait 3 months. We were pretty excited about that! Now that I don't get chemo every week, I needed something CLOSE to look forward to. April seems just around the corner. I just really need to stay POSITIVE! No bad thoughts :)

I'm trying to keep myself busy with teaching, but I swear there are preggo's everywhere!!! I'm happy for all of them and their cute little bumps... but it is definitely a bittersweet reminder of what we have gone through.

At the same time, I don't know that I would change the things we have been through. I have seen that tragedy can bring out the best in a person. It surprises me that I can be happy, that Kyle can still make me laugh in the middle of a cry-fest, that I can have a really good day. At first, I questioned why God would give me a trial like this. I felt angry because I didn't think that I could get through it. In the end I was right. I couldn't handle this on my own, I had to become very humble and let God do the rest. I know that he did, and that is why the comfort and happiness that I feel today is possible.

P.S. YOU NEED TO READ "THE LAST LECTURE" by Randy Pausch! It is so inspiring! It made my 'stuff' seem so insignificant, which is probably how it should be!


The Grampp Fam said...

That is such great news! Staying positive is the key, and before you know it you will also have a cute little bump! Keep us posted :) "The Last Lecture" I have heard so much about, and Oprah actually interviewed him before he passed away (this was last year). It was very inspirational. I for sure am planning on reading it (after I read the book you gave me)!

Jen Bird said...

I love when I'm wondering what you two are up to, I can check your blog!! You're such a positive person Kelli! I hope everything is more smooth sailing now, and I'm sure it will be! ;) We love you guys!

Shauna said...

I want to read that book, it sounds really good. Hey I think our dogs should be friends. Let's get together at the dog park sometime:)

Denet said...

My sweet Kelli! I miss you. How was your Super Bowl party? I'll bet you had fun and enjoyed entertaining in your beautiful
new house. Wish you were here hanging out with me. I would love to talk to you about what you're reading these days--you are my little book resource. It will be fun for us to lay on the beach and read when you're here. It is the perfect spot for a good book isn't it? I love you baby girl. Take care of yourself and Phoebe (and kyle of course) :) Love you, Mommy... You need to blog more. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

Sandra said...

Wanted to check in and see how you are doing...we would welcome a visit from you and Kyle anytime. We love you!!

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