Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our Summer in Seattle

So, our summer in Seattle was our first adventure together. We moved from May to August in 2007 with a summer sales company. The job was a total drag, but we had a blast with all of the young couples and made a lot of new friends! We wish that we could've had a little more time to explore the city, because it really is a beautiful place. We made plenty of trips to Pike's Place Market, Snoqualmie falls, the woods... Even though we were ready to be done with the job, it was a little bittersweet leaving.Hopefully we will be able to make it back someday!

On the Pier in the heart of Seattle... Pretty Close to the Famous Pike's Place Market (where they throw the fish).

On the Fourth of July watching fireworks with some First Line friends... Katrina and Josh, Kyle and I, JJ and Erica, and Kaylee and Jason. The boys worked the entire day, a 12 hour shift!

Hiking down to Snoqualmie Falls. This tree was HUGE. We did this hike about three times, usually on Sundays. It was free, and SO beautiful.

Hanging out with one of the Pig statues... they had different pigs all over the city, and they were all decorated differently. We would always take pictures with them. Later, we realized that it was some sort of charity, and you were supposed to donate money when you took a picture with one of the pigs... Oops!

Phebes in our apartment... See, I told you she was the cutest dog ever! She was my little buddy over the summer. Kyle was gone a lot, so she really kept me company. She also tried to protect me. When people would walk by the apartment, she would sit by the door and bark. I would LOVE to see what a Shih Tzu could do to an intruder. It would be pretty funny to watch!

Kyle and I at Snoqualmie falls. We hopped the fence and hiked all the way to the edge of the rocks. JJ and Josh jumped in... the water was freezing!


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Seattle Anniversary- August 2007