Monday, April 6, 2009

Good things come to those who wait!

I have been checking fares for the last 5 months to go and visit my parents in Grand Cayman in June. They are usually around $580 per person, not including taxes!
I had been kicking myself becase back in November they were at $318, but we were closing on our house and didn't have any extra money, so I let them slide by.

Last night when I checked, they were only $307 per person! I ran in to our bedroom where Kyle was sleeping (he had to be up at 4:45 this morning for work) and in a frenzy screamed "Kyle-- 307-- i'm booking!" and grabbed his debit card out of his wallet.

I guess patience can pay off, but gosh it sucks to wait! Can't wait to see you mom and dad.


Anonymous said...

I am sooo jealous!!! Grand Caymen is heaven! Tell your family hi for me! Before you know it, your gonna be in my shoes with a much cuter belly than me haha! we should go on a double or something sometime!

Denet said...

Hooray!!! We will have a BLAST. Can't wait to have you here sweetie. I'll see you in UT this week. Is the weather any better??

Parisa and Zac said...

I am so jealous that will be a ton of fun! We waited to buy our Hawaii tickets and they went down...but when I rechecked last week they went down even more!! We need to get together soon, I'm calling you this weekend.

Brad & Britt said...

can we come!?!?! That sounds like so much fun!

Jess N Josh Brown said...

how fun! we need to get together SO bad it has been way too long and soon...way too soon we will be 16 hours away! : (

Miller's said...

Lucky! I'm so jealous, me and Cade were just saying how bad we neeed a vacation.

Matt and Nicole said...

That will be so fun!!!

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