Sunday, April 12, 2009


We got a new calling as Youth Conference Coordinators, and we have not had any luck in booking somewhere to stay. We don't really have any ideas of where we want to go. They want to go in August, and there are only 5-10 youth total that would be going, plus a few leaders.

If you have any good ideas, or know of somewhere we could go, let us know! We don't have any connections, so if you do, we would appreciate any help!


Jenny said...

Ha ha ha, I was just about to post almost the exact same post! Matt and I just got called to and ours is the beginning of JUNE! Neither of us have ever gone to YC so we have no idea what we are even planning. I'll let you know of ideas that we check on, and I'd love if you sent me ideas too! Our ward will only have around 12 youth also.

Katie & Justus said...

Hey Kel, we did a youth conference up at Gooseberry or something like that once. I'm not sure about all the details but I'll try and find out where is was and all that.

Tony and Whitney said...

Hey Kellie-
I found your blog by blog surfing other blogs. . .I love that you're an English teacher! It's the greatest job.

Anyway. . .I am in our Stake Young Women's. We've done Youth Conference at Heber Valley Camp-though I'm not sure they have any openings. You can go to to see if they have any openings. It's an awesome place!

Last year we used Camp Williams and did a military theme. That was also a ton of fun.

Jen Bird said...

Wish I knew!! But just wanted to tell you that I want to see some pics of your house!! It might be awhile before we see it in person, so thought it would be fun for a preview! ;) And we're headed to Lake Mead last minute, bummed you guys won't be there!! It's been WAY too long since we've seen you two!

Denet said...

You could always bring them to Cayman Ha Ha!! Do it at Snow Basin and then take them boating at Pine View one day. That would be a blast. Maybe someone has a cabin you could borrow. Ask around the ward. Love you! Good luck!

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