Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I am still pregnant...

...but you wouldn't think I was even excited about it if you looked at my blog! I admit, I have become a lazy blogger. Facebook is just so much easier! Here are a few belly pics (or as Kyle lovingly calls them, "fat Kelli" pics):

5 months

7 months

8 months

We can't wait for baby Camden to come. He is a little wiggle worm, which is so much fun... luckily he still has plenty of room in there so I am not uncomfortable yet, and his kicks don't really hurt me. Kyle is so cute and tells Camden every day to "just come out already!" I try to explain that if this were to happen, he would probably be the size of a small guinea pig.


Lindsay and Tyler Kohler said...

You are so cute pregnant! I can't believe how tiny you still are. I am so excited for you.

The Brady Bunch said...

You look SO cute pregnant! I'm so excited for you two! Being a mommy is the BEST thing ever!!!

Steve and Brandi said...

Your blog matches your colors for Camden! I love it!!

Burns Family said...

you are just too cute...I love you and your little guinea pig :)

nil said...

Hey there,stumbled into your blog. Love it!
Good luck for your baby! im sure he/she will be a doll :)

Visit my space sometime, would love to have u there!
good luck!

Tim and Mandy said...

So freakin cute kelli! I'm so sorry I couldn't come to the shower! I was so sad when i foundout I couldn't come! =) You are so stiknin cute pregnant! =) Hope all is well!!!

Burns Family said...

so...I got my mail on Jan 17th and realized that I missed your shower so now I owe you one cute baby gift :) let me know when you are around...are you planning a visit to Alli any time soon? I need to see you both!!!

TeriLyn said...

Kelli, I stumbled upon your blog today and I'm so happy I did! Congrats on your pregnancy! You look adorable!

David and Shalynna said...

HI Kelli! Remember me?

Please tell me these pictures are a joke. I can't believe how tiny and cute you are! Your 8 month belly looks like my five month belly! :)

So exciting for you and your sister to have little boys so close together. Good luck with delivery! He's going to be gorgeous, especially since he has gorgeous parents. :)

Jen Bird said...

You are one skinny looking pregnant girl! Not that I'm surprised or anything! :) We missed you guys roller skating the other night! Next time, kick Kyle's butt out the door! ;)

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